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near me forex trading

Why BalFund ?

For many people, the stock market can be an intimidating and complex world that requires significant financial resources to participate in. People with no money to trade in the stock market may feel left out of the potential rewards that investing can provide.


So here at balfund we eliminate this problem of not having money to trade by providing you with capital to trade. You only have to follow a simple evaluation process and get funded.

Balfund Trade
Balfund Forex Trade
Evaluation Process

Screening Phase

The Screening phase is the first step of the Evaluation Process. You need to succeed here to advance into the next phase.

Authentication Phase

This phase is the last step to complete before you receive our capital to trade.

Funded Phase

After successfully completing the first two phases we offer you our company’s capital to trade and you get to keep up to 90% of the profits.

Testing Your Skills With Virtual Money
Trade & Earn Real Money
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