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Frequently Asked Questions

indian forex traders

  • Which platform can I use for trading?
    You will be given access to a mobile app to trade both during the evaluation and funded phase.
  • How do I contact you?
    You Can contact us by Whatsapp at +91 9354663447 You can also email us at
  • What is maximum loss?
    Suppose you choose 2 lakh capital, now at any point of time the net capital in the account cannot go below 1,80,000/- (Either by considering floating loss or booked loss)
  • How do I become balfund trader?
    You have to complete the evaluation process which includes two phases. Phase 1 (screening) and phase 2 (authentication). After successfully completing these two phases you become a funded balfund trader.
  • How long does it take to become a funded trader?
    Maximum 90 Days
  • What if I breach the rules do I get a second chance?
    Absolutely No
  • How to start?
    You need to fill out the contact us form after which balfund team will contact you.
  • What is the maximum in daily loss?
    Suppose You choose account with 2lakh capital, Now while trading if your floating loss touches 10000/- at any moment (Be it in one trade or total floating loss of all the trades) it would mean that you have violated maximum loss trading rule.
  • How do I withdraw my profits?
    Once You become a funded trader your share of profits will be transferred to your bank account on a month-to-month basis after deducting all necessary charges and taxes.
  • What capital do I trade as a funded trader?
    Your account size depends on the plan chosen by you before the evaluation process and the fees paid.
  • Do we charge any other fees?
    Apart from the one-time refundable fee according to your account size, balfund does not charge any other fees.
  • Who can join Balfund?
    Anyone with the zeal to earn from the Stock market can join balfund.
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